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Welcome to Bellingham Girls Softball Association (BGSA)

Bellingham Girls Softball Association By Laws

Updated October 2020

Article 1.0 NAME 

The name of this organization shall be Bellingham Girl's Softball Association, referred to herein as the BGSA. 

Article 2.0 PURPOSE 

The purpose of this organization shall be to provide the girls of Bellingham with the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of the sport of softball, in a safe and organized manner and to develop softball players for the Bellingham School District Softball programs.  The BGSA will ensure that league games are fair, positive and enjoyable experiences for all of the children and adults involved.

2.1 The BGSA shall promote the qualities of good sportsmanship, honesty and integrity, discipline and self-control, dedication and commitment to team concepts above those of the individual. This will assist its participants at maturing physically and socially.  

2.2 Operating funds shall be derived from member registration fees, contributions and fundraising events. 


Participation shall be open to all girls living in Bellingham between the ages of 5 - 18. Playing Age is child's age as of January 1st of playing year for Travel and Fall Ball and school grade for Spring In-Town. Any girls interested in playing in the program, from towns outside of Bellingham, will be considered on a case by case basis by the Board of Directors and would need to provide the BGSA Board with approval from the President of their town softball league if such town has a softball league. 


Registration of players for Spring In-Town shall take place every year in the Winter time-frame, Fall through Spring for Summer Travel, and Summer for Fall Ball. Registration Fees to be determined by the Board of Directors. However, no child will be refused participation due to monetary issues. Player's may also be requested to participate in Fundraiser(s) to assist in the League Operation. All parent(s) will be requested to assist in the Concession Stand Operation. The league director is to bring any hardship claims to one of the league officers in writing. 


5.1 The Board of Directors shall be responsible for the operation of the League. 

5.2 Each Director shall have clearly defined duties within the contents of this document, but not limited to. 

5.3 All amendments and restructure to the BGSA by-laws, rules, and policies shall be the responsibility of the Board of Directors 

5.4 Final approval for any revisions to the BGSA by-laws requires a majority vote by the Directors. In the case of a tie, the President will make a ruling. 

5.5 Board of Directors listed with duties, but not limited to 

Executive Directors: 

* President 

o Presides over meetings, prepares Board Meeting agenda

o Casts deciding vote to break a tie during league voting issues 

o Responsible for equitable operation of the league and resolves disputes 

o Represents the BGSA at external meetings and ceremonies 

o Presides over Spring In-Town activity. Acts as the Spring In-Town Lead 

o Conducts CORI checks for all coaches, volunteers and Directors 

o Submits permit requests to schools, town, etc.

o Coordinates Opening Day and conducts the speech 

o Main contact for Picture Day 

* Vice President 

o Acting President in lieu of the President's Absence 

o Perform the duties of the President in his/her absence 

o Presides over any Fall Ball activity. Acts as the Fall Ball Lead 

o Develops and writes the rules per league for Fall Ball with assistance from the Scheduling/Umpire Director 

* Treasurer 

o Collects all fees, contributions, revenue from sales, and fund-raising activities. This includes online payments from the BGSA website. 

o Deposit funds into the BGSA account in a timely fashion 

o Pay all BGSA debts and/or bills and reports them to the Board of Directors 

o Keep financial records and prepare monthly financial reports at each BGSA Board of Directors meeting 

o Manages paperwork for ASA, insurance, non-profit status, and filing of taxes 

o Suggests pricing structure per league/activity 

* Secretary 

o Keeps minutes in all meetings, primarily the Board of Director monthly meetings. 

o Submits minutes from previous meeting at the current Board of Director meeting 

o Assists the Development Director in tallying the Evaluation scores 

o Writes and sends out the monthly e-newsletter


League and Travel Team Directors (all are responsible for the duties listed below)

* Senior League / U14 Director 

* Junior League / U12 Director 

* Intermediate League / U10 Director 

* Instructional League Director 

o Suggests Head Coaches for each team and presents to the Board of Directors
o Assists the Concession Stand Director in getting volunteers from teams to staff the Concession Stand 

o Manages the Draft for their own league. Assists the President in this task. 

o Develops and writes the rules per league for Spring In-Town with assistance from the Scheduling/Umpire Director 

o Resolves conflict within their own league. Refer to the “Code of Conduct” for protocol. 

Intermediate League/U10 Director, Junior League/U12 Director, Senior League/U14 Director will serve as back-ups to the Travel Director when needed to attend Hockomock meetings.

* Communications Director 

o Updates the BGSA website 

o Responsible for all social media communications.

o Updates the league database. Can assist the Treasurer and President with this task. 

o Advertises the league (i.e. creates and sends flyers at schools to promote league registration) 

o Creation of registration form (paper and on-line). Can assist the Treasurer with this task. 

 * Concession Stand Director 

o Keeps inventory of the Concession Stand, includes purchasing of items 

o Manages the staffing of the Concession Stand 

o Conducts any training needed of staff in the Concession Stand 

* Development Director 

o Lead for Snowball (Winter training program)

o Creates/updates the Coach’s Manual for use to train coaches and to provide needed league information 

o Suggests/conducts training for players (i.e. pitching clinics) 

o Lead for all evaluations (Spring In-Town, Travel, Fall Ball) including tallying scores 


* Field Maintenance / Equipment Director 

o Lead for Clean-Up Day 

o Keeps inventory and orders equipment (ex: balls, bases) and field maintenance supplies (ex: chalk, gas for mower) 

o Order porta-potties 


* Scheduling / Umpire Director 

o Creates and maintains the schedules for: Director on Duty, games (Spring In-Town and Fall Ball), practices (all seasons), Picture Day, and umpires (youth) 

o Requests umpires with the contracted association (usually ASA) for games: older age groups, tournaments, Hockomock games, Fall Ball. 

o Trains youth umpires and coordinates payment with Treasurer 

o Liaison with the ASA Umpire Rep 

o Confirms with the Treasurer that all paperwork for teams being insured is completed 


* Sponsorship / Fundraiser Director 

o Develop and execute all Fundraiser activities. Ask for assistance/volunteers to execute these. 

o Solicit for sponsors, with assistance of other Directors 

o Order signs for sponsors per contract 

o Develop the Sponsorship Contract with assistance of the Treasurer 

o Collect payment from Sponsors if delinquent 


* Tournament Director 

o Lead for Bellingham BASH tournaments (ex: tournaments hosted by the BGSA). This includes pre-tournament planning and execution. 

o Suggest to the Board of Directors tournaments to apply for in the Travel season. Upon approval, submit applications. 

o Develops and writes the rules per league for hosted Tournaments with assistance from the Scheduling/Umpire Director 

o Assists the Uniform/Awards Director in ordering tournaments shirts to sell 


* Travel League Director 

o Town (i.e. BGSA) liaison with Hockomock 

o Attend needed Hockomock league meetings 

o Assists the Uniform/Awards Director in ordering player jerseys/uniforms 


* Uniform / Awards Director 

o Orders shirts for players in all seasons as listed below

* Snowball for players 

* Spring In-Town for players, coaches, and youth umpires 

* Travel for players and coaches 

* Summer Tournaments for shirts to be sold 

* Fall Ball for players, coaches and for shirts to be sold 

* Director jackets/shirts if desired 

* League apparel to be sold (i.e. Property of BGSA shirts) 

o Order trophies for needed leagues 

o Suggest vendor to the Board of Directors for uniforms and awards 

o Present concepts for shirts to the Executive Board 


All Directors have the following duties: 

* Decisions on all expenditures except for expenditures under $200 which only need to go to the
Executive Board

* Resolving issues not outlined in the by-laws and rules 

* Fund raising activities 

* Must attend all Board of Director meetings. If absent, must notify President prior to meeting and provide status updates. 

All Board of Director Members are Voting Members. Additional positions may be appointed at the discretion of the Board of Directors, such as for Concession Committee, Concession Scheduling, Fund-Raisers, & Director Assistants. 

Article 6.0 ELECTIONS 

Election of Board Members shall be held at the Annual Fall meeting. Board membership and voting in the BGSA shall be open to all parents of players, volunteers, and board members. Anyone suspended from league activities due to code of conduct violations will be prohibited from voting or being elected to a board position. Election shall be a simple majority. If a resignation occurs, the Board of Directors will appoint a replacement. Board Members will be elected for a one (1) year term. The election process will be as follows: 

1. Current League Secretary and/or Treasurer will request nominations for President. 

2. Once a President has been elected he/she will preside over the remainder of the election. 

The election will take place in order of: 

* Vice President 

* Treasurer 

* Secretary 

* Senior League / U14 Director 

* Junior League / U12 Director 

* Intermediate League / U10 Director 

* Instructional League Director 

* Communications Director 

* Concession Stand Director 

* Development Director 

* Field Maintenance / Equipment Director 

* Scheduling / Umpire Director 

* Sponsorship / Fundraiser Director 

* Tournament Director 

* Travel League Director 

* Uniform / Awards Director 


Article 7.0 MEETINGS
The Annual Fall Meeting shall be open to all members of the Association. Subsequent meeting(s) shall be open to all who may be deemed interested parties. Examples of meetings are Board Meetings, Coaches meetings, Evaluations, Drafts, and any other meeting deemed necessary by the Board of Directors. 

Article 8.0 SCHEDULE
BGSA Softball is a year round program, including Snowball, Spring Season, Travel & Tournament teams, and Fall Ball.

The League Directors will nominate coaches for each In-Town team in their respective League, to be approved by the Board of Directors. Each Coach shall appoint additional Assistant Coaches and Team Parents after the draft has taken place. All applicants for Coaches positions must complete a Code-of-Conduct and participate in a CORI review. 

All Committees will be appointed by the Board of Directors based on need.

Rules and Regulations for each league will be stated and given to each coach in the League before the start of season. The Rules Committee consists of Schedule / Umpire Director as Chairman, Vice President as Co-chairman, and will include League Directors. 

1. The committee shall be responsible for determination of all playing rules and regulations. They will handle all regular season play, procedures, guidelines, and team set up. 

2. All rules, regulations, and procedures etc. shall be documented by the committee and presented to the Board of Directors for approval before they are adopted. 

3. Changes will be handled in the same manner. During season rule changes will be discouraged and require unanimous approval of committee and board. 

The program will consist of the following Leagues with the Grade Ranges specified. Note: The Board of Directors reserves the right to review the League Format and Grade Ranges prior to each Playing Season. Any exceptions to the accepted Boards Format and Grade Ranges will be discouraged. (Grade as of Playing Year) Instructional League: Grades Pre-K - 1 (typical ages 5-7) Intermediate League: Grades 2 - 4 (typical ages 8-10) Junior League: Grades 5 - 6 (typical ages 11-13) Senior League: Grades 7 - 12 (typical ages 13-18) 

Article 12.0 SELECTION OF SPECIAL TEAMS (All-Star, Tournament, Travel)
The Board of Directors will decide on the existence of any special team(s) or tournament teams. 

12.1 Coaches for each Travel, Tournament or Fall Ball teams will be selected by a vote process of the board of directors. There will be multiple votes, with the coach receiving the fewest votes eliminated in each round until one coach is remaining. 

12.2 The Head coach of each team will select their assist coaches. All coaches (Head & Assists) must complete a Code-of-Conduct and participate in a CORI review. 

12.3 Try-outs will be held for all Travel, Tournament Teams and Fall Ball with all players to be selected by the coaches per the Evaluation Forms completed. 

12.4 Player participation in at least one try-out is MANDATORY to be selected for a tournament team. 

12.5 Each Coach may submit recommendations for any players who show athletic ability and good sportsmanship for teams such as All-Star teams. 

12.6 The number of players per team will be discussed by the Board of Directors to balance between the number of players trying out / interested and the ideal number of players on a team to be competitive and limit bench time. 

12.7 All other decisions as to running the team will be made by the Head Coach, however conforming to the event rules and BGSA by-laws. 

12.8 Each Tournament Team may attend up to 3 Tournaments including Bellingham’s. 

12.9 Request for additional funds will be made to the Board of Directors. 

12.10 Fees for playing in Special Teams will be determined by the Board of Directors. 

12.11 All girls should remain in their age group during Travel season unless the board votes to allow them to play up. Exception (per Hockomock rules)  If a team needs players for a regular season game, a team may call-up players from the same town's rosters of a lower level (either age or division). A player from the same age group on the A roster cannot play for the B team or a player who is age-eligible for a lower age group, but is on the roster of a higher age group roster, cannot play for the lower age group. For the Play-offs, a player cannot be called-up to play for a higher level (either age or division).